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Declan McGlynn
31 October 2023, 17:09

Arturia teases new high-end audio interface, AudioFuse 16 Rig

The new unit features an internal patchbay and a colour display

Arturia AudioFuse 16 Rig

Arturia has launched a new high-end audio interface, aimed at replacing your main soundcard, called the AudioFuse 16 Rig. The new unit boasts a wealth of pro-level features including a total of 16 TRS jack inputs, eight analogue outputs, a further 16 I/O via ADAT connection, MIDI in, out and thru, and wordclock I/O for keeping your samples in check. 

The 16 Rig also features a standalone mixer inside the unit, making it possible to route audio and MIDI to various ins and outs without the need for a laptop. Each configuration can be saved and recalled depending on which studio you’re operating in, or what FX chain you want to load. 

In terms of connections, the 16 Rig also has two different master monitor outputs for quick A/Bing of your mix without the need for a separate monitor controller. The colour display can show everything from level meters to connectivity settings and input settings, plus there’s two combi-jack inputs round the front for easy access. There’s even a USB hub to quickly add controllers and other kit to your setup.

The unit is priced at €1,299. You can find out more about the AudioFuse 16 Rig on the Arturia website.

Arturia also recently launched a clone of the classic Roland acid unit, the 303.