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April Clare Welsh
23 August 2023, 11:51

Arturia release Roland TB-303-inspired soft synth, the Acid V

The “corrosive bassline machine” is loaded with extra features for "revitalised rave energy"

Arturia's Acid V shown on a MacBook screen

Arturia has released the Acid V, a software emulation of Roland's iconic bass synth, the TB-303.

Equipped with the 303's classic sawtooth and square waveform selection, the Acid V also boasts a variety of new features including an arpeggiator, sub-oscillator, vibrato, built-in distortion and more. Arturia promise to push the squelchy 303 sound towards “experimental territory”.

The Acid V costs the introductory price of $99.00, which rises to $199.00 on 14th September. Watch a demo video below, and find out more here.

Earlier this summer, Arturia announced a plug-and-play MiniFuse Recording Pack, along with FX Collection 4, a curated suite of “recreations of iconic era-defining studio tools”. The French company also released their MiniFreak V, a standalone virtual instrument that's identical to the MiniFreak.

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