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Declan McGlynn
24 March 2022, 13:47

Boss announces new Space Echo FX pedals

The Roland-owned company has announced two new models of their famous echo machine

roland space echo family

Boss has announced two new clones of the classic Roland Space Echo RE-201 hardware tape delay. The RE-202 is the more advanced, bigger version of the two, with three footswitches and the 12-position mode switcher from the original. Boss say “every behaviour is replicated with complete accuracy, such as the gradual pitch change that occurs when the Repeat Rate knob is tweaked, or the cool runaway feedback that happens when the Intensity knob is maxed.”

The original Space Echo is an iconic piece of gear, using a real tape spool to create washed out delays and echoes found on countless records across the ’70s and ’80s.

The new 202 pedal features a control tape ‘age’ to give a degraded or purer sound, while the saturation control offers that classic tape saturation sound while the ‘Wow & Flutter’ control lets you decide how much pitch warble is in your delays. Elsewhere there’s a control for tap tempo to keep things in time and presets for saving your favourite delays. It’s fully stereo with dedicated left and right input and output, plus control for an expression pedal and MIDI. 

The RE-02 is a smaller version of the clone more akin to a traditional foot pedal. It features delays that can be with or without spring reverb and has 11 modes of delay to choose from. There’s also stereo I/O, external control, tap tempo and more. 

The RE-202 costs $399 while the RE-02 costs $249. Find out more on the Boss website here.