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Declan McGlynn
23 February 2022, 12:34

FL Studio 21 is coming soon

Image Line has teased that a new version of the popular DAW is "round the corner", while previewing a new feature

FL Studio 21

Image-Line has revealed that a new version of their popular DAW, called FL Studio 21, is "round the corner". The company also teased some of the new features users can expect in FL Studio 21, the next major update to the super popular DAW and music-making tool. The new features, teased over on the Image-Line forum, were also announced as part of a teaser video that came with version 20.9.1 of FL Studio. 

While 20.9.1 brought with it some nice tweaks like quantised song jumps, so you remain in time as you scan around your track and some UI and plugin tweaks, it’s the FL 21 teasers that have got users excited. 

One feature teased on the FL Studio 21 teaser forum thread is the addition of integrated envelopes on audio clips in the playlist. The feature will add integrated envelopes to audio clips on the arrange page, giving greater control when working with audio. This will not replace the existing automation clip system, but come as an additional feature for increased flexibility of your workflow. 

More features will be teased out over on the FL Studio forum so make sure you head over and log in to get involved in the discussion. 

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