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LANDR launches AI-powered mastering plugin

The OG AI mastering company are bringing their tech to your DAW

LANDR mastering plugin

LANDR has launched a new AI-powered mastering plugin, appropriately titled LANDR Mastering Plugin. The new plug makes use of their long-running and industry-first tech that originally launched in 2014 and has been improved with new updates ever since.

Since launching, LANDR has grown into a distribution platform, as well as offering samples, tutorials and a plugin marketplace. Their new dedicated mastering plug is the first non-browser-based tool that harnesses their impressive tech inside a DAW.

Unlike the web version, you can master in real time, making tweaks with the dedicated GUI. Users start by allowing the plugin to ‘listen’ to the loudest part of your song, when it will detect the genre and create a custom mastering chain to suit. There are three presets within those chains—– Warm, Balanced and Open. Other parameters include adjusting the stereo field, dynamic settings around compression, character and saturation, and a three-band EQ for simple tone shaping. Although there are fewer options than you might see on other mastering plugs, LANDR’s AI algorithm is doing work behind the scenes, having spent the last decade mastering more than 25 million tracks, according to LANDR.

“It's the human touch that makes LANDR Mastering so unique. Over the past 10 years, our Grammy Award-winning audio engineers have spent thousands of hours personally training our AI mastering engine,” said Daniel Rowland, LANDR’s Head of Strategy and Partnerships. “Now, you can use LANDR Mastering as a plugin in your DAW — integrated as part of your workflow with additional controls to help customise your sound. This is a game-changer for anyone mastering their music.”

LANDR Mastering Plugin costs $299 and is available through their website.

LANDR may have been the first in the AI mastering game, but they haven’t been the last, as plugin behemoths Waves recently announced their own online mastering service.