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Roland are set to release new versions of the classic TB - 303 and TR - 909 synths

Roland are definitely embracing their heritage and going back to the future in terms of their new dance music production focused gear.

September 9th will see Roland celebrating 33 years of their classic TR–909 Groove box with a special ‘909 Celebration Event’ but we’ve also been informed that this will be the platform for the announcement of some rather new tasty products.

Yes classic synth fans, Roland are set to release new versions of their original TB–303 and TR–909 synths. The TB–03 and the TR–09 will be joined by another new product the System 8 Synth.

But not only this September 9th will play host to Roland’s "The Future. Redefined” online music festival, where more than 30 new Roland and BOSS products are scheduled to debut during streaming video broadcasts from VIP events in eight major cities around the world as part of 909 day (#909day).

It’s going to be something special, that's for sure, get the date in your diaries… Can't wait!!!