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Declan McGlynn
5 April 2022, 15:57

Novation launches dedicated FL Studio hardware controllers

The FLKey 37 and FLKey Mini are designed to work with the popular DAW

flkey 37

Novation has launched a new controller range called the FLKey. Designed to work specifically with FL Studio, the FLKey is similar in design to the popular LaunchKey range that’s been popular for Ableton users for a few years. 

The FLKey 37 features 37 full-size keys, with controller pads and knobs on top, and a series of transport controls for stop, play, record etc. 

You can control FL’s Step Sequencer directly from the controller, as well as control the Mixer and there’s a Scale and Fixed Chord mode. There’s direct control for automation, preset browsing and you can customise the controls to tailor the FLKey to your needs in the studio. 

FLKey Mini takes the same concepts as the full-size 37 key version and shrinks it down, with smaller keys and a touchpad version of the pitch and mod wheels. There are still the same controls for Channel rack, as well as Fixed Chord and Scale mode, as well as User Chord mode to build up your own custom chords. 

Both units are available now – the FLKey 37 costs £166 while the Mini is £88 excluding VAT. Find out more on the Novation website

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