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Declan McGlynn
31 May 2022, 12:01

Pioneer DJ launch new affordable battle mixer

The DJM-S5 features two channels and is aimed at turntablists

pioneer dj djm-s5

Pioneer DJ has launched a new affordable DJ battle mixer aimed at turntablists called the DJM-S5. The new two-channel unit is modelled on their flagship S9 and is also designed for Serato DJ Pro, but loses some of the features of its older sibling to hit a cheaper price point of £749. The S5 features a Magvel Fader Pro crossfader with adjustable torque, effect levers for quick triggering of FX, or for locking them in place and four performance pads with 13 modes in total including Hot Cue and Sampler. 

The S5 also features Scratch Cutter function, which automatically introduces six scratching patterns, so you can focus on learning how to scratch the record itself, before moving on to fader techniques. Amazingly, the S5 is also fully USB powered, meaning you can keep it running from your laptop. There are two USB powers, one for power and one for communicating with Serato. 

Round back there’s a master XLR out, a booth/master 2 RCA and two phono/line ins for each channel. At the front there’s a mic input and that’s also where you’ll find the dual headphone ports. 

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 costs £749 and is available now. Head to the Pioneer DJ website for more details. Watch the video below for more details.