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Declan McGlynn
29 February 2024, 14:48

PIXELYNX launches new interactive music creation tool, KORUS

The new tool features an AI stem player, VJ tool, and new reward-based experiences


PIXELYNX — a music and gaming platform founded by Richie Hawtin and Deadmau5 — has announced a free new interactive music creation tool called KORUS.

The browser-based tool allows anyone to instantly create music with a pipeline of various creation tools including LayerMosiac, an XY pad of performance effects, and an AI stem player that generates music on the fly. 

Users can randomise the stems and mute and solo various elements, or swap out others such as bass and vocals, similar to Splice’s Create A Stack feature. Once happy with a loop, users can use the XY pad to add reverb, a high- or low-pass filter, or introduce a stutter effect.

KORUS borrows a lot of its ethos from gaming, focusing on rewards systems via their NOIZ points, which incentivise and reward user engagement. NOIZ points will be redeemable for digital and physical rewards once enough are accumulated by experimenting with KORUS. Several Mau5trap artists have provided musical content for the launch, including Speaker Honey, Lamorn and Volaris, and users can also unlock their stems using NOIZ points. KORUS features free stems to get started with.

KORUS also features a VJ tool to get more creative with your new music creation. There are 2D and 3D elements; and users can also use a webcam. The visuals respond to both the music and mouse movements, and FX and can be recorded and saved to your profile or shared with the community.

KORUS is free to sign up and use. Watch the tool in action below, and find out more on the PIXELYNX website.