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April Clare Welsh
6 October 2022, 10:43

Try this free online drum machine based on the Roland TR-909

The free ER-99 was built to celebrate 909 Day 2022 and features sampled audio 


Electronics and software engineer Matthew Cieplak has developed a browser-based virtual analog instrument based on the classic Roland TR-909.

The ER-99 drum machine can be used by pressing the number buttons on your keyboard and turning the knobs to change the sound of each instrument. “The 16 buttons at the bottom show the sequence for each instrument. Click once to activate a step, and click again to add an accent (indicated by a brighter light). The emphasis of the accented notes is controlled by the ‘Accent’ knob", the description says.

The drum sounds are synthesized using WebAudio API but the hi-hats, crash and ride cymbals are all gleaned from samples. The ER-99, which was built to celebrate 909 Day 2022, is furnished with a selection of sequence and sound presets while you can also create and save your own.

Cieplak is the owner of DIY instruments brand Extralife. Try it for yourself on the Extralife site and check out some more of Cieplak's work here.

Last month, Roland launched a new apparel series that includes a 909 bomber jacket to celebrate 909 day (9th September). The new accessories include hats, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and specially designed headphones in collaboration with V-MODA. All items feature the classic 909 colour scheme of orange, grey and black – sporting a retro vibe, just like the previous apparel release around their equally legendary 808