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Love Lesson
Trunkfunk Records

NIBC's brilliantly stabby 'Love Lesson' gets further lessons in love from Ian Pooley, Hans Berg and Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson and Lauer). The latter is quite superb.

You (Todd Edwards Remixes)
Etienne De Crecy

What's not to love here — French luminary Etienne De Crecy's late night electro anthem 'You' picked apart and re-tooled with extra pianos by the one and only Todd The God. Solid.

The Chronicles
Kenny Larkin
Rush Hour

Less a re-release than a bona fide public service, this repressing of tracks from Kenny Larkin's seminal 'The Chronicles' deserves a spot in everyone's collection. Perfection.

Dream 2c
Antenna Happy
Tenth Circle

Brighton's Nathan Pope — also known as Antenna Happy — pours out some depth on this taut two-tracker for Tenth Circle. 'Wild Stabs' in particular is acidic heaven.

Brain Fog EP
Wouter de Moor
Ovum Recordings

Rarely does one see both genuine quality and quantity. But here it is. This most generous five-tracker from Dutchman Wouter de Moor for Josh Wink's Ovum plumbs deep into the void between house and techno. 'Fluf' and 'Fluffy' are both expansive, atmospheric things, but it's the sparse, skittering 'Data Dump' which first demands attention. 'Brain Fog', though lacking a discernible kick-drum, is blissfully sophisticated. Grown-up house music. 'Muy Loco', meanwhile, rocks in a most understated fashion.

Electric Blue

The third release from the mysterious Shoebox is superb, let's not mince words. And its whole mysterious vibe only serves to make it more exciting, so well done there. There was a twisted-up disco feel to the previous releases, where 'Electric Blue' — the track 'Blue Heat' in particular — aims for ethereal house, while 'In Between States' is an unsettling dub for the dark dancefloors. 'The World of Aquarius', with its rattling hats will have you yearning for a Croatian beach to go all Balearic on. Larry Heard is a fan, so maybe that's all you need to know.

Hold Over Me
Ralph Lawson presents Lost In Time
No. 19 Music

2020 Vision mastermind and 'king in the north' (as far as house music goes), Ralph Lawson busts loose for Jonny White's No. 19 with a moody, unctuous houser, co-produced by long-time cohort and Random Factor mastermind Carl Finlow, and Italian stallion Tuccillo. There's a wealth of mixes and dubs to choose from, but the 2020 Vision remix is stunning, with echoes of Round Two's seminal 'New Day', with all its pulsing, fuzzy synths. The piano-flecked vocal is no slouch either.

Home Tonight
Lindstrøm & Grace Hall
Smalltown Supersound

Well, you've just got to love this. Norway's Lindstrøm embraces peak-time vocal madness, hooking himself up with chanteuse Grace Hall for a glistening slab of discoid house perfection. If the irresistible bass doesn't get you, then the smooth string stabs will. And if you're still holding out, you miserable bastard, then when the pianos drop you should be on your knees screaming at the moon, lest you have cold, icy blood running through those withered veins of yours.

Hot Trax

German pair Sebastian and Volker — aka Raumakustik — pitch up for Jamie Jones' Hot Creations diffusion label Hot Trax. 'Raider' is a low-slung, vibe-heavy stunner, so languid and lazy, it's like it doesn't really give a shit. But it obviously does really. There are rave cowbells, pulsing synths going all out of kilter and then slotting satisfyingly back in. On the flip, label bossman Jamie Jones earns it, with distant congas, and a bassline low enough to cause significant structural damage, so perhaps instruct a surveyor before purchase.

Not This Time (Capracara Mix)
The 2 Bears

Arguably the best moment from Raf Daddy and Joe Goddard's sophomore set 'The Night Is Young', 'Not This Time' gets a devastating re-rub from Unknown To The Unknown regular Capracara. As appears to be his wont, it's all done and dusted in under five minutes, but it's a lean, mean garage machine, with no ponderous buggering about. There are brassy organs, string stabs, a blazing loop and Raf's vocals swirling about the place. Bravo.

Resonate EP
Mr G
Just Jack Recordings

Mr G hasn't put a foot wrong in about a decade, so you'll be entirely unsurprised to find that he's sure-footed as a mountain goat here for vinyl-only imprint Just Jack Recordings. 'TT Rum Bar' is full of wide-open space, hemmed in by white noise hi-hats and pinned to the ground with a rumbling kick (oh and a thoroughly bumping mix from man of the moment Seven Davis Jr). 'What They Think' is an unstoppable, masterfully simple groove, while bulbous dub 'Yo' is a delight.

Bide EP
Lo Shea
Never Learnt

As custodian of Sheffield's eminent warehouse venue Hope Works, Liam O'Shea wears his impeccable taste very much on his sleeve. The four tracks here for Never Learnt show, if further evidence were needed, that his recorded material is beyond reproach too. 'Apples' is a repetitive, string-laden expanse, like Pepe Bradock's benchmark for such things, 'Deep Burnt'. 'Schoolin'' with its loose, almost wild percussion is hefty party gear, but 'Take 2' takes it, a moody, shuffling masterstroke. Sterling work, this.