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Larry Heard announces new Mr. Fingers album, 'Cerebral Hemispheres'

The Chicago house legend's first album as Mr. Fingers in nearly 25 years is out 13th April...

Larry Heard has announced details of his first full-length album in 15 years - and the first under his inimitable Mr. Fingers monicker in close to 25 years. 'Cerebral Hemispheres' will be released on the Chicago legend's own Alleviated Records imprint on 13th April. You can hear 'Electron', the first track to be shared from the LP, below. 

The 18-track LP will be released via Heard's own Alleviated Records imprint and will feature all the trademark styles and distinct textures that have come to define Mr. Finger's massively influential output. Four tracks from Fingers' hypnotic 2016 EP, 'Outer Acid', have been included in the tracklist for 'Cerebral Hemispheres' as well as 14 brand-new cuts. 

'Electron' is a deep, atmospheric cut carried by a warm synth arpeggio and a quietly pulsing kick. Check out the full album tracklist below. You can pre-order 'Cerebral Hemispheres' and preview each track here. 

A true pioneer of house music, Larry Heard has previously spoken candidly about how it feels as though "club culture" is losing sight of its original principles in its becoming more of an Instagram spectacle. 

1. Full Moon
2. City Streets
3. Urbane Sunset
4. Sands of Aruba
5. Tiger Lounge
6. A Day In Portugal
7. Sao Paulo
8. Crying Over You
9. Cerebral Hemispheres
10. Electron
11. Outer Acid
12. Inner Acid
13. Spy
14. Stratusfly
15. Nodyahed
16. Quazars
17. Aether
18. Praise To The Vibes