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Learn how to recreate Mr Fingers' bassline in less than 60 seconds

Learn how to re-create dance music’s most iconic sounds in our new mini series...

Mr Fingers’ ‘Can You Feel It’ is undoubtedly a dance music classic, with its iconic bassline leading the way for house music’s domination. In our new mini-series ’60-Second Synth Sounds’ we look at how to create the bassline from scratch in under one minute! While the original was created on a Juno-60, and we’ll be using a Prophet-08, you can use any synth with a single oscillator, filter and two envelopes, which is most subtractive synths, hardware and software.

Let us know what track and sound you’d like to see us tackle next on our new Facebook group DJ Mag Tech. If you're looking for your own hardware synth, Behinger's new range of classic synth re-creations are likely to come in at a budget price