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Output's new plugin will change how you make music: Watch

ARCADE is a new loop synthesizer with innovative controls and effects…

Output's new plugin ARCADE is designed to change the way you make music. Based around a playable loop browser, the plugin uses your MIDI keyboard to trigger and effect loops, essentially making them unrecognisable and putting your own sonic stamp on the sound.

Coming with 15 constantly expanding loop packs, users load a loop onto a specific white key, and use the black key to manipulate those loops. Each loop can automatically stay in time and key with your project and you can also drag in your own loops to be manipulated by ARCADE. 

Loops are downloaded from the cloud and for $10 a month you have unlimited access to the plugin and its contents, but if you do decide to cancel you'll retain any loops you've downloaded to that point so your sessions will still work. There are dedicated performance macros for each loop collection but you can also dive in and edit parameters and modulation options. 

From the onset, ARCADE looks like an excellent solution to taking a repetitive and predictable loop and turning it into something completely new. Find out more in the video below. If you're looking for more sample inspiration, Loopmasters' cloud-based sample solution Loopcloud 2.0 recently launched. Check other Output plugins here