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Premiere: Benbo + Ovid ‘Quick Hands’

Benbo + Ovid reach across an experimental palette of tactile drum sounds on their collaborative debut for Brooklyn’s Loosee

Photo of Benbo and Ovid posing in front of a dark building

Benbo and Ovid have joined forces for a new collaborative EP, ‘Just Like Home’, out later this month. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘Quick Hands’ below.

The bracing five-tracker — arriving via Benbo’s Brooklyn-based label, Looseee — marks the pair’s first official link-up, following over a decade of friendship and informal collaboration.

As a result, ‘Just Like Home’ feels like a match made in percussive club music heaven, reaching across an experimental palette of tactile drum sounds — electronic clicks, clonks, thumps, and rattles — all calibrated in spacious harmony.

‘Quick Hands’ is a dexterous introduction to the duo’s drum-focused style, loaded with swathes of upbeat snares, nimble rhythms, and jolting melodies that slot together like a vast, sonic jigsaw. Up next, ‘$500 Chips’ cranks up the dancefloor NRG, fusing its own cerebral core with swift, breaky snares and massive hi-hats that land like a punch to the jaw.

On remix duties, object blue flips the track on its head, warping the crisp percussion into a menacing, chuggy drone for the late-night movers. Brooklyn-based producer and 3024 affiliate, No Sir caps off the project with her own rendering of eurhythmic drum cut, ‘Square Marden’, adding their trademark melodic flourishes to create a multi-dimensional crossover of rhythm and lyricism.

The ‘Just Like Home’ EP finds Benbo and Ovid at peak of their percussive powers, riding on a sonic bond formed via countless mixes and b2b’s, as well as stellar solo forays including Ovid’s ‘Stone Coaster’ EP and Benbo’s 2022 three-tracker, ‘Ready When You Are’. 

‘Just Like Home’ is available to pre-order here. Listen exclusively to ‘Quick Hands’ below.