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Olivia Stock
27 November 2023, 15:00

Premiere: GiGi FM ‘Spazio Teletrasporto’

French-Italian producer GiGi FM christens her new Sea~rène imprint with five cuts of sparkling ambient-infused techno

Photo of GiGi FM wearing a pink bodysuit with a blue spotlight on her

GiGi FM will release her latest EP, ‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary Vol. 2’, later this week. Listen exclusively to ‘Spazio Teletrasporto’ below. 

The project, out 1st December, will christen the French-Italian artist’s new Sea~rène imprint – a home for “ethereal” and “dreamlike” electronic music with “immersive storytelling.” It arrives as the follow-up to her 2021 debut ‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k’ and, in a similar vein, functions as a musical proxy for GiGi’s usual journaling. 

Across five tracks (plus a sixth digital bonus cut), the producer’s sparkling ambient-infused techno creeps further into club music territory with surging 4/4 rhythms and huge melodic swells. Lead single, ‘Amadamushies’ – which dropped last month – is a proper lobe-tickler with twitchy rhythms and undulating drones, while cuts like ‘Spazio Teletrasporto’ and ‘Tsur’ roam deeper into the cosmos with luminous synthwork and tough, tactile percussion.

“‘Spazio Teletrasporto’ is a cosmic voyage and the hypnotic chapter of the journey, enveloped in vivid blue hues, guiding and mesmerizing us into the depths of the cosmos and our inner consciousness,” GiGi added on the track.

‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary Vol. 2’ is out 1st December via Sea~rène. Pre-order the album here, and listen exclusively to ‘Spazio Teletrasporto’ below.