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Producer and DJ Gift Guide 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Time to stock up on studio and booth goodies for yourself and your fellow musical loved ones. We've got the ultimate gift guide for DJs and producers, ranging from £6 upwards, with headphones, controllers, speakers, software, accessories and more for DJs and music-makers new and old. Scroll down and get inspired. 


Abstract Slipmats

While the funky 1210 pictured might be a one-off, the equally funky 'mats atop it are all yours for 30 quid. Available in both black and white, the mats are designed by UK artist Nicolas Dixon – definitely a Keith Harring influence here and that's fine with us. Head over to his store to get your own, and why not drop him a line to convince him to sell the custom 1210? 

Ortofon Concorde Mix MkII Cartridges

Long-time needle faves Ortofon updated their classic Concorde range last year, the Mix cart is a great option for all types of music. For more scratch and hands-on styles, their DJ cart ticks the box. Find out more here.

UDG Creator DIGI Hard Case

Protecting our USBs is something we could all be better at – this handy hard case from protection pros UDG is perfect for storing multiple sticks, SDs and even the all-important headphone adaptor. Pick ’em up here.

Evermix 4

This handy little recording unit gives your phone an RCA input, letting you record directly from your mixer, and even live stream straight from the included app. The latest version also includes a peak limiter so you’ll never distort your recording again. Handy, right? 

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT

Wireless headphones from Pioneer DJ, the X5BTs are a quality option for using on the go and in the booth. With aptX technology, they lower the latency and increase the quality of the bluetooth protocol – we'd still recommend sticking a cable in them for use when DJing, but a versatile pair all the same

Vinyl cleaning brush

Keep any discog addict happy with this handy brush for removing dust and static from your precious records. At under a tenner, it's a must-have for any vinyl collection

Wasted Heroes Apparel

Dress like Carl Cox, Charlotte de Witte, Fatboy Slim and many more with Wasted Heroes ravey garms – t-shirts, hats, bombers, hoodies even football jerseys all reppin’ the rave wth nods to acid house, studio kit, techno and more. Spot on for stockings this Xmas.

From £5/mo
Virtual DJ 2020

The world’s most popular DJ software, VirtualDJ’s latest version includes access to SoundCloud, Beatport Link and more, directly within the software. It’s also got a huge collection of controllers and starts at only $5 a month – it’s usually $19 so get in fast.

Gear4Music Disco Ball

Turn your spare room, studio or DJ space into a bona fide discotheque with this mirror ball. Great for vibes if you regularly live stream your sets or just want to get in the mood when recording a mix.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

The DJ behemoth’s most recent budget controller, the DDJ-200 supports the WeGo DJ app which connects to Beatport Link, meaning you have access to the whole of Beatport’s catalogue via streaming. Pretty impressive for £120.


The guys and gals at Decksaver quickly became the go-to for those looking to protect their DJ gear with transparent, strong plastic covers, custom moulded for even the most esoteric bit of kit. If you wanna keep your kit safe, look no further.

From $149
J Worra Recommends: Sensaphonics custom earplugs

"I recommend Sensaphonics custom earplugs. This gift is not only a smart and good choice to preserve your ears, but the plugs are reasonably priced and you can choose filter strength by popping the different filters in and out yourself. Al the fun of production and DJ equipment is of no use if you can’t hear!"

Launchpad Mini MK3

Novation’s Launchpad revolutionised the Ableton Live controller market way back when it first came out. Since, it’s still one of the most popular performance controllers for the DAW and the latest Mini is their best yet.

Haynes Electro Synth

You might recognise the Haynes manual as the once-vital pre-Google guide to everything and anything. Despite the smartphone, they’re still around, and this build-your-own-synth pack lets you put together your own instrument with a rudimentary keyboard and controls. It’s even got a built-in speaker so you can annoy your whole family trying to take an after-dinner nap. Ideal.

Abbey Road Mastering Gift Card

Gift this to the producer in your life and they’ll thank you endlessly. Essentially a token to master one track at the world-famous Abbey Road using their online mastering service, it’s a fun way to turn a demo into a releasable record, or just to be able to stick ‘Mastered at Abbey Road’ on your linear notes.

Teenage Engineer Pocket Operators

Teenage Engineering’s quirky eight-bit style synths, drum machines and devices are the perfect way to get accustomed to their exquisite Swedish design ethos while having a lot of fun. Multiple POs can be sync’d together too with the 3.5mm headphone port. Super popular devices, and for good reason.

From £35
Dorothy Prints

You’ve probably seen Dorothy prints within even realising – they’re the clever clogs behind the blueprint-style posters that link together electronic music history. There are also song-related maps, colour wheels and other music gifts. Lovely stuff.

Moog Travel Mug

Be the envy of your fellow commuters with this Moog travel mug, perfect for your warm, analogue coffee. There’s plenty more merch on the Moog site – t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, posters and more – or why not pick up an actual synth?

Arturia MiniLab MkII

This mini keyboard and controller from Arturia is one of the best out there for portable, affordable and playable keys. With eight pads as well as two octaves and some assignable knobs, it gets the job done while you’re away from the studio. Or, perfect for a first foray into production.

Ballantine's 'The Clubs Collection' Whisky

Ballantine's whisky celebrate four of the most 'pioneering nightclubs' with their The Clubs Collection bottles. With Barca's Nitsa, The Gärten in Beirut, New York's Output and the UK institution Sub Club all repp'd on the uniquely designed bottles, they're perfect for the whisky-loving, dance music fan in your life. Which is all of us, right?

From £5.99/mo
Loopcloud Subscription

Loopmasters’ Loopcloud software lets you access millions of samples across their catalogue, testing them out in your track and ever chopping and effecting them before buying. It’s a creative powerhouse and at £6 for 100 samples a month and more bonus features, it’s a no-brainer for newbies and pros alike.

BULLDOG Gin Copa Glass Gift Box

What home studio is complete without a home bar? Our friends at BULLDOG gin have the best solution for stocking up for Xmas, with this Copa Glass Gift Box complete with BULLDOG matte Copa glass and a recipe for the perfect G&T. Ahhh.

Korg VOLCA Beats

Korg’s mini beat, synth and sample machines are supremely popular for the portable size and analogue sound – their Beats device is capable of very powerful, analogue-driven kicks, snares and hats at a bargain price.


Sennheiser HD-25s

Can’t go wrong with a pair of 25s – the uber-popular DJ headphone are great for playing out, as well as listening and do a good job of sound isolation on a noisy train. Just don’t try and mix with them, or you might get a shock when you play your track out.

£137 each
ADAM Audio T5V

We’re big fans of ADAM Audio and their most affordable speakers yet came out last year – a top-quality choice for both home DJ use and for mixing in the studio. At only £137 each, hard to argue with that.

Denon DJ MC4000 Controller

A fully-featured controller for Serato DJ, the MC4000 is a great way to get on the Denon DJ ladder. Works with other software too and features tonnes of ins and out for versatile use.

From $14.99/mo
Beatport LINK Subscription

Beatport’s LINK lets DJ stream their whole catalogue into DJ software and hardware. So far, only Denon DJ hardware is supported, with rekordbox DJ and other software joining the list of compatible platforms. It’s not particularly cheap, if you’re looking at the whole year, though cheaper options are available. A great gift for DJs who – think they – have it all.

VNSSA Recommends: Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

“Sometimes in order to catch a vibe and be on the same level as the crowd, I want my booth monitors pretty loud which makes it harder to hear what’s going on in my headphones. Not with the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10s. They’re over-ear, not on-ear – yes, there's a big difference – so there’s never an issue of your surroundings being too loud. I even use them to produce on planes because they cut out all the white noise. They come with a hard case that makes them easy to pack for travel and have pockets inside for USB and adaptor storage. These, in my opinion, are the gold standard of DJ headphones. I never leave home without them.”

Allen & Heath 23C mixer

A very fair price for an A&H mixer – two channels of line and phono amps plus the classic A&H analogue filter – though only one for both channels – it’s a great starter to at-home option. It’s even got USB out for recording your mixes. Nice one

Traktor S2 MKIII

The mark three of the popular S2 range completely redesigned the controller, stripping it back in both features and price. Bundled with the full version of Traktor – which is £79 on its own – it’s the perfect practise unit for anyone who’s bought into the world of NI’s popular DJ software. Works with iPad too.

Audio Technica LP12-XUSB

The original LP120 was an exceptionally popular alternative to the 1210 for nearly ten years. The XUSB updates that classic, giving it a sleeker new design and updating the sound. Great option for vinyl heads on a budget.

Phase Wireless Needle

This funky device replaces the needle on your DVS timecode system, instead offering a simple gadget that detects even the most sensitive scratching and cueing. It seems too good to be true, but early reviews are positive – say goodbye to feedback and rumbles in the club.


Behringer TD-3