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Marissa Cetin
27 February 2024, 13:04

21-year-old will walk to Ibiza from Manchester in aid of charity

Macclesfield's Henry Moores is supporting the Tony Hudgell Foundation on foot because "to be honest I can't afford the flight"

21-year-old will walk to Ibiza from Manchester for opening parties in aid of charity
Credit: Henry Moores, Instagram

21-year-old Henry Moores is walking from Manchester to Ibiza to raise money for charity.

The Cheshire resident will set off on the 2400km walk from Manchester City Centre to Ibiza in support of the Tony Hudgell Foundation, which supports children affected by abuse. He's planning to walk about a marathon a day (about 42km) over 60 days, starting with the 507km from Manchester to Portsmouth, then picking up in Caen, France to Denia, Spain for the 1818km walk to the Ibiza ferry.

Moores has teamed up with Lineker's Ibiza owner Wayne Lineker for the journey. He'll meet up with Lineker and group on 2nd May at Ibiza Town for the final 30km stretch to Ocean Beach before the venue's opening party on the 3rd. 

Lineker asked Moores why he decided to walk all the way to the White Isle in an Instagram video. His answer was simple: "I've never been to Ibiza before, and to be honest I can't afford the flight". 

In October 2023, Moores walked from Macclesfield to Paris and raised more than £19,000 that went towards donated Meal Deals, rent payments, Christmas presents, school uniforms and supplies, counselling sessions and 42,000 tins of food, as well as various charities.

Support the Tony Hudgell Foundation fundraiser here. So far, Moores has raised more than £10,000 of his £20,000 goal.