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Amnesia and Privilege Ibiza have had their licenses suspended

Recent inspections found that both clubs had made illegal structural alterations to increase capacity...

Ibiza clubs Amnesia and Privilege have had their licenses temporarily suspended by San Antonio council.  

As reported in Diario de Ibiza, inspections carried out in September this year found that both superclubs had made illegal structural alterations in order to increase their capacity. As a result, neither club will be able to reopen until the architectural modifications have been amended.

While this shouldn’t be a cause for immediate concern given that both clubs  are currently closed for the off-season, both have also incurred fines – of €650 and €54,999 respectively.

Privilege was found to have restructured emergency exits, signalled fire extinguishers incorrectly and allowed unregistered areas of the club to be used as dancefloors for up to 500 attendees.

In Amnesia, numerous areas of the club’s upper floor were expanded without permission. Two undisclosed venues were also charged €3000 and €5500 respectively earlier in the week for closing later than allowed throughout the summer season.

Just last week, Privilege revealed that Resistance Ibiza would be returning to the venue next summer for its weekly club series on Tuesdays. Carl Cox and Adam Beyer had been added to the bill so far.