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Behringer's 808 will cost just $300: Watch

The German company have announced the price and availability of their long-awaited 808 remake...

Behringer have released the price and availability details of their Roland TR-808 clone. The unit will cost just $299 and will go on sale in March this year. The RD-808 is a fully analogue remake of the famous drum machine with extra digital effects. It has full 1/4" jack outputs for each sound and even allows you to control the pitch of the 808 kick via MIDI, to create basslines or tune to the key of your track.

Behringer have been busy creating clones for heaps of classic analogues including the Pro-One, Minimoog and SH-101. They've also announced that they'll be re-creating the 909, but no date or price has been revealed. Expect it to be in a similar price range.

Watch below for a full demo of the new RD-808 via Synthtopia.