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Christian Eede
3 November 2023, 14:24

Berlin club Re:mise to shut at current location this month

The club hopes to reopen at a new location sometime soon

Berlin club Re:mise to shut at current location this month

Berlin club Re:mise is to close at its current premises this month.

The team behind the venue, which was previously known as Fiese Remise before rebranding in 2021, confirmed recently in a social media post that they were unable to get an extension on their lease from the building's landlord ahead of its November expiration. They've said that they plan to reopen at a new location, but it's not yet known when or where that will be.

"The fact that another hub of cultural diversity disappears due to our closure is unfortunately just a consequence of the ongoing gentrification of our city," Re:mise wrote in its social media post. "We're determined to fight for the club culture and open spaces in Berlin and once again operate a place for people who shape the unique nightlife of Berlin, making it accessible to people from all walks of life."

The club's closing date will be 20th November with a closing weekend of parties seeing the venue out. Check the details of that below. 

Read the full Instagram post confirming Re:mise's closure below.

In September, thousands of Berlin ravers attended a protest event against the expansion of the A100 motorway, which it's claimed will push through further gentrification and closure of cultural spaces in the city if it goes ahead.