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Boys Noize and Lady Gaga tease long-awaited collaboration: WATCH

The pop enigma meets electronic studio mogul... 

Boys Noize and Lady Gaga have teased their long-awaited collaboration on the opening night of the latter's new Las Vegas residency. 

Kicking off on Friday 28th December at MGM's iconic Park Theatre, Gaga's show, 'Enigma', has been hugely anticipated since it was announced earlier this year. 

Now Alex Ridha, AKA Berlin's Boys Noize, has revealed via social media that he has been involved in the musical side of the spectacular, confirming rumours from earlier this year of a forthcoming collaboration between the producer and pop sensation

Ridha— whose cover of Adamski and Seal's classic track, 'Killer', soundtracked our September— has also just announced his project with Skrillex, Dog Blood, will soon be back in action, with New Orlean's Baku Festival booking the pair as headliners for next March's edition of the event.