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Olivia Stock
4 October 2023, 13:14

Carl Cox announces debut virtual show, ‘Intermundium’, for later this month

The worldwide premiere of ‘Intermundium’ is set for October 27th

Carl Cox wearing glasses against a red futuristic background

Carl Cox has announced his debut virtual show in the Sensorium Galaxy digital metaverse.

The legendary DJ will perform for 30 minutes in the virtual concert space as part of a free show called ‘Intermundium’, which is scheduled to premiere on 27th October at 7PM (GMT).

The futuristic performance – named after the space between worlds, or dimensions – will feature a hyper-realistic digital replica of Carl Cox, created using technologies such as XR, AI, Motion Capture, and the Unreal Engine.

Cox’s avatar will use his beats to control the virtual surroundings inside PRISM, Sensorium Galaxy’s brand new hub dedicated to electronic music.

Speaking on the pioneering project, the DJ said: “I truly understood what was possible when I first saw my avatar and literally did a double-take! I thought, ‘This is now a reality – or should I say virtual reality?’ It has been really interesting to see things develop to the point where I can share my experiences with like-minded individuals anywhere on Earth – or beyond!”

Cox is the latest to join a group of DJs called ‘The Chosen Ones’, including Eric Prydz, David Guetta, Black Coffee and Charlotte de Witte, who are gearing up to headline immersive raves inside PRISM.

Earlier this year, Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens performed in the virtual metaverse alongside Manchester City star, Jack Grealish. The ‘Mixing in the Metaverse’ experience included a 15-minute set performed by “metahuman” avatars of Grealish and Heldens.

The ‘Intermundium’ world premiere will be available to watch for free across multiple platforms on 27th October at 7PM (GMT), including the Sensorium Galaxy Website (2D Stream), YouTube (2D Stream), App Store and Google Play (2D Stream), and Steam (Full-fledged VR).