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Charlie Bones announces departure from NTS Radio

The DJ has hosted The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show on the station since 2012

Charlie Bones has announced his departure from NTS Radio. 

The DJ and presenter, who hosted the popular The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show on weekdays revealed the news on air this morning (20th August). Bones said that he would be “going solo”, citing various personal circumstances and a need to "draw a line in the sand" with the station as the reason for his departure. 

NTS confirmed the surprising news in a Twitter post, which read: “It was as much a shock to us as it was to all of you. Here’s to ten years of Do!! You!!! What a ride - let the eagle fly.”

In a statement shared with DJ Mag, a representative from NTS said: "Charlie's announcement on DO!! YOU!!! this morning was as much a surprise for us as it was for our listeners. A little bit of chaos has always been part of the fabric of his show. All good things come to an end. We've made some great radio together over the past ten years and we all wish him the best in whatever he does next. We don't currently know who's going to be taking on the NTS breakfast show, but we're excited to figure it out."

Bones later shared an Instagram post, thanking listeners for their support in the wake of his announcement, and emphasising that he is "not quitting radio whatsoever".

"Peace and love to everyone who got in touch with unbelievable amounts of appreciation," Bones wrote. "Let me take some time and I’ll be right back with the plan. I cannot express how much I appreciate your gratitude for all the love and passion I put into this. I’m not quitting radio in anyway whatsoever.

"Thanks to @nts_radio for everything and thanks to @glumlukid for being the perfect friend to join me in such a surreal situation. And most of all thank you for really getting the show and what I’m trying to do. Much love."

Charlie Bones has been a part of NTS Radio since the station launched in 2011, originally hosting a late night show on Sundays, before taking over the breakfast slot in 2012. The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show and Bones went on to become one of the stations most popular slots, developing a loyal fanbase thanks to its presenter’s unpredictable selections, humour and anarchic hosting style. 

You can dig into The Do!! You!!! archive here, where Bones’ final show will be available to stream from tomorrow. 

In a recent interview with DJ Mag as part of a feature on how independent radio thrived during the pandemic, Bones discussed his unique approach to broadcasting, particularly in the past year: “I fought hard against my own nature for a long time: the way I went about things really wasn’t accepted, and that was reflected in the guests I booked, like I was clawing for some sort of respect. But since lockdown happened and you weren’t allowed any guests, I took it as an opportunity to just be myself.”

The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show has featured a wide range of guests and visiting presenters in recent years, including the likes of Theo Parrish, Dego, Tash LC, Yusuf / Cat Stevens, Fabio & Grooverider, as well as NTS regulars Finn, Anz, Jack Rollo, Ok Williams, Raji Rags, Peach, Anu, Flo Dill, Mafalda and more.

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