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Olivia Stock
26 October 2023, 13:05

Daft Punk reunion at Paris 2024 Olympics rumours denied by rep

The artistic director of ceremonies had hinted at a possible reunion for the games

Photo of the two members of Daft Punk wearing their signature helmets
David Black

A representative for Daft Punk has denied rumours that the duo will reunite at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Thomas Jolly, the artistic director for the opening and closing ceremonies, had teased the potential presence of the group in a recent interview with France Inter. Speaking in French, he said, “It would be very happy if they were in this ceremony. We can’t not think about it.”

He added: “You can’t not think of Daft Punk when you think of a successful international showcase for a French group.”

However, a representative for the duo has now denied that Daft Punk will be reuniting at the games, telling Pitchfork that “this is just a rumor and not true.” 

Yesterday, Jolly posted an update apologising for his “confusing” comments that “generated a lot of expectations.” Writing on X (formerly Twitter), he said: “I must clarify: After discussing a possible presence at the ceremony, the group's decision is not to participate. I respect this decision and apologize for the ambiguity of my comments.”

Daft Punk announced their break-up in February 2021. Thomas Bangalter, one half of the duo, shared new details about the split in recent BBC radio interview. This year, the duo are celebrating 10 years of their album ‘Random Access Memories’ with exclusive interviews and a special reissue.

Recently, the duo have also announced a ‘Drumless Edition’ of the album which will be out on vinyl and all digital streaming platforms on 17th November. The LP’s first track, ‘Within’, featuring Chilly Gonzales on piano, is out now.