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Daft Punk share new ‘Memory Tapes’ archival footage featuring Todd Edwards: Watch

Edwards also addresses the pair's split in this latest episode of the pair's mini-documentary series


Daft Punk have shared the fifth episode of their ‘Memory Tapes’ series, which features an interview and archival footage with Todd Edwards in the studio recording 'Fragments of Time.'

In this new episode, which premiered on 6th September, the UKG torchbearer also talks about working on the 2001 'Discovery' track 'Face to Face', for which he provided vocals and co-production, as well as addressing the group's split.

Edwards also tells the story of how he had taken a hiatus from music and was working in a customer service job in the late '00s, "dying inside a little each day", before re-entering the music industry and working on ‘Fragments of Time’ from Daft Punk's fourth and final album of 2013, 'Random Access Memories'. 

In the same episode, Edwards also reflects on how Daft Punk were "already going in different directions", musically, at the time of their split. "Guy-Man seems to be drawn more to the hip-hop realm and Thomas was also a director. It kind of felt like they weren’t on the same page anymore, anyway, so I wasn’t shocked," he offers.

He continues: “I think the fact that it was so devastating to people shows that there needs to be more Daft Punks out there. If anything it should inspire people to be more creative and take chances and stop doing the same thing and playing it safe all the time.”

Previous guests on the mini-documentary series, which will span eight episodes in total, include the Strokes' Julian Casablancas and pianist Chilly Gonzales. The series forms part of an ongoing 10th-anniversary celebration of 'Random Access Memories'.

Watch the Todd Edwards episode below.

Earlier this year, Edwards revealed the source of a number of samples used on Daft Punk's career-defining ‘Discovery’ album. Read DJ Mag's 2021 cover interview with Edwards here