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DJs can now legally clear their DJ Mixes through Pioneer’s new app

It's thanks to Pioneer striking up a deal with rights management company Dubset...

Pioneer is now allowing DJs to clear rights for the DJ mixes they record through its iOS app DJM-REC.

Users will be able to clear the mixes within the app meaning that they can then be uploaded to major streaming services. The move comes as a result a deal that Pioneer has made with Dubset, a rights management company. Any mixes recorded within the DJM-REC will automatically be submitted to Dubset through the app who will then analyse it for copyright clearance. 

Those mixes can then be uploaded to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and the correct royalties will be distributed to the artists, labels and other associated rights holders. 

"A seamless live performance-to-distribution model has been at the top of the DJ communities wish list for a long time, and it is now here," Dubset CEO Stephen White said of the new deal.

You can find more information here and download the app from Apple's App Store.

Last month, it was revealed that Pioneer DJ is reportedly up for sale with its two owners in Pioneer and KRK & Co looking to sell off their stakes in the company.

In April, Pioneer launched the DDJ-800, a new take on its DDJ-1000 DJ controller. The company also launched the DDJ-200 last month, which streams music straight from Beatport.