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Download this free virtual reality modular synthesiser

Learn how to use a modular synth without spending every penny you have…

A new, downloadable synth simulator allows users to learn how to patch and play a modular synthesiser without having to be in the same room as one.

The ‘Synthmulator’ game, which has been designed by escornabois, puts players in front of a PROTO-1 modular, allowing you to play around with its two oscillators, LFOs, filters and envelope generators, plus an attenuator and sequencer. See how it works in a video below.

It’s not the real deal of course, but for anyone with an interest in modular synthesis who doesn’t quite have the cash or space for one, it’s a great way to get acquainted with the versatile and essential instrument. You can download it on a "Name Your Price" basis here

In July, Tangible Waves revealed a new, budget modular system for €328 – less than £300. In April, Behringer entered the Eurorack market with new budget modules they hope to sell for less than $100.

Listen to an exclusive, ambient modular mix from emerging artist Ann Annie here.

[via: Telekom Electronic Beats]