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Drunk British tourists could be banned from Ibiza for anti-social behaviour

Tourists could be blacklisted from party hotspots across the Balearic Islands if they break the rules

Drunk British tourists could be banned from Ibiza under new laws

Drunk British tourists who engage in anti-social behaviour could be sent home and banned from returning to Ibiza, according to plans being considered by local officials. 

The news comes as local governments in the Mediterranean archipelago, which includes Majorca and Ibiza, evaluate their tourism policies in order to crack down on tourists committing crimes and anti-social behaviour. 

Under the new measures, tourists could be blacklisted from party hotspots across the Balearic Islands if they break the rules. The islands’ head of tourism, Jaume Bauza, has also committed to introducing fines for anti-social behaviour. 

Addressing local media last Monday, Bauza stated that the decision to send unruly tourists home would hinge on the nature of the "crime or violation committed."

Speaking to Diario de Ibiza, he added: “I’ve expressed the master lines and nothing’s being ruled out or confirmed at this stage. Then it will need to have a legal framework... The main thing is to target companies as well, but above all those people who behave in a way that is not tolerable, here or anywhere.”

In the same interview, Bauza mentioned that the local municipalities have drawn inspiration from last year’s steps taken by Amsterdam to deter anti-social British tourists. 

Back in 2022, some parts of the Balearic Islands implemented regulations as part of a drive to curb the anti-social behaviour of rowdy tourists. These rules included a ban on happy hours, free bars, advertising pub crawls, as well as two-for-one drink parties. Beyond alcohol restriction, the act of "balconing" — or jumping between or from balconies into swimming pools — were also banned. According to the government's official bulletin on the matter, anyone caught breaking the rule will be "expelled with immediate effect".

New licences for boat parties were also implemented, while shops selling alcohol were ordered to close between 9:30 AM and 8 AM, or risk hefty fines. 

Earlier this summer, local politicians in Ibiza planned to introduce a ban on new holiday rentals, sparking fears of an accommodation shortage on the island. 

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