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Marissa Cetin
17 October 2023, 14:03

Future of techno explored in new documentary: Watch

The short film by German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle examines the techno scene's origins and how younger generation's entry into the genre and community via TikTok is changing the sound and style of clubbing

Future of techno explored in new documentary: Watch

A new documentary traces techno's past and present and muses about the future of the genre and culture.

How Techno Shapes the Future is the latest techno-centric short film from German state TV broadcaster Deutsche Welle as part of its 'Arts Unveiled' series. The 26-minute piece, reported by journalist Ute Pfeiffer, explores techno's journey from underground subculture to being embraced by the mainstream, examining the intended, open-minded "P.L.U.R." ethos and how that's held up over time.

Looking to the future, the documentary also dives into how younger generations discover and join the techno community through social media, namely TikTok, and how that's changing the sound and style of the scene in the short and long term.

How Techno Shapes the Future was originally broadcast over the weekend and now available to watch via Deutsche Welle's YouTube channel. Sven Väth, Stacey "Hotwaxx" Hale, Nur Jaber, TAAHLIAH, Luca Eck and Refuge Worldwide's Nicky Böhm are among the interviewees. 

Deutsche Welle's previous episode of Arts Unveiled, titled How Techno Was Born: From Detroit To Berlin, focused on the Detroit techno originator's influence on the Berlin music scene after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. 

Watch How Techno Shapes the Future.