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Olivia Stock
25 May 2023, 17:05

Glastonbury’s Silver Hayes announces new project, Pavilion, in expanded dance area

“I hope visitors will flock to Silver Hayes to check out the incredible, sustainable potential of mycelium at the Pavilion,” said Emily Eavis

Design render of the Pavilion project

Glastonbury Festival has announced a new artistic project, Pavilion, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Silver Hayes – the festival’s original dance music area.

The project will be driven by new ideas and future technologies, debuting with an installation entitled, 6°. The installation aims to explore the “interconnected power of mushroom roots” – the underground network known as mycelium – and investigate the potential uses of the biomaterial in the creative industries.

When fed with agricultural waste, mycelium forms an entirely organic and compostable construction material. In the 6-week period leading up to the installation at Glastonbury, the Pavilion collective will explore the potential of mycelium as a practice material, with the long-term aim to move away from using environmentally impactful materials to a more sustainable fungi future. 

The Pavilion will also host immersive sound art compositions by Brian d’Souza, AKA Auntie Flo, and Derry-born DJ Or: la, in collaboration with harpist Roísín Berkeley.

Emily Eavis, co-organiser of Glastonbury Festival, said: “We’re so excited to be bringing this groundbreaking installation to this year’s Festival, and I hope visitors will flock to Silver Hayes to check out the incredible, sustainable potential of mycelium at the Pavilion.”

The Pavilion will be a returning platform for research and development at Glastonbury each year, looking at how festivals can be at the forefront of new ideas, materials, and products to help society move towards a more sustainable future.

2023 will also see Silver Hayes introduce The Information stage, intended to spark urgent debates on music culture and beyond, along with the re-imagining of three existing stages, including Glastonbury’s newest open-air nightclub, THE LEVELS.

The Hayes Pavilion will be on display at Silver Hayes field, Glastonbury Festival from 21st - 25th June 2023. The Pavilion exhibition, 6°, will be open from 12pm - 12am, daily.

Glastonbury has also recently announced the full line-up for the Glade area and Park stage, confirming the return of Carl Cox for a set on the Friday night. Shangri-La’s full weekend bill has also been revealed, featuring the likes of Conducta, Nia Archives, Folamour, Eliza Rose, Prospa, and many more.

Find out more about the Hayes Pavilion project below.