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Hercules add SoundCloud streaming to DJUCED

The 10-year anniversary of Hercules’s own DJ software is here

DJ hardware and software company Hercules has updated DJUCED, their own bespoke DJ software to version 5.2, and with it added compatibility for SoundCloud streaming. 

The French company who are behind a whole ream of entry-level and beginner DJ hardware – including the more advanced DJ Mag favourite InPulse 500 – have been adding features to DJUCED for a decade, with v5.2 coming 10 years into the software’s lifespan. SoundCloud joins Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK and Quboz as streaming options in DJUCED, with Mixcloud integration already supported to share your mixes. SoundCloud GO+ gives access to over 250 million tracks to stream directly from the platform – a SoundCloud GO+ subscription is required. 

The new update also tweaks the sound to make it “louder and clearer”, having fully reworked the sound engine that powers DJUCED. Other tweaks include new metering, BPM view and font adjustments to make the software easier to read in different lighting. 

Find out more about DJUCED 5.2 here.