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Idris Elba plays struggling DJ in new Netflix show, ‘Turn Up Charlie’: Watch

The Wire star created the new comedy series...

Idris Elba, star of The Wire, real-life DJ and general heartthrob, will star as a struggling DJ in a new Netflix comedy series, ‘Turn Up Charlie’. 

Elba stars as Charlie, who takes a job as a nanny to his famous best friend’s daughter, is a perennial bachelor DJ.

Elba created the series, which is primed for a debut on 15th March of this year, alongside Gary Reich.

Frankie Hervey is a new star as the daughter, while Piper Perabo (of Coyote Ugly fame) and JJ Field also feature.

Idris Elba is a house DJ in his own right, having famously played the James Bond theme tune at Elrow Town London last year, after speculation over him being the next James Bond after Daniel Craig.

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Here are more photos of the upcoming series: