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Marissa Cetin
11 July 2023, 17:49

Jlin announces new mini-album, ‘Perspective’, on Planet Mu, shares single: Listen

The Indiana producer's collaboration with Chicago’s Third Coast Percussion earned her a spot on the 2023 Pulitzer Prize in Music finalist shortlist

Jlin announces new album, ‘Perspective’, on Planet Mu, shares single: Listen
Credit: John Hull

Jlin returns to Planet Mu with a new "mini-album" titled 'Perspective'. Listen to 'Fourth Perspective' below.

The six-track LP, out 29th September, will be the Indiana producer's first solo release since the 2021 'Embryo' EP for Planet Mu and first full-length since 2018's ballet score 'Autobiography' and the 2017 album 'Black Origami'. The tracks are electronic versions of the music she created with Chicago’s Third Coast Percussion; the acoustic 'Perspective' earned her a place on the 2023 Pulitzer Prize in Music finalist shortlist. ('Embryo' was also born from these sessions and will be added to the 'Perspective' CD release.)

"Working with T.C.P. was a rewarding experience", Jlin said about the collaboration. "I love their constant driving ambition. When I would go to their studio we would experiment as much as we could, and that to me is the beauty of composing."

In the five years since 'Autobiography', Jlin also composed the score to the video game 'Songs of the Lost', teamed up with Holly Herndon to producer 'Godmother' with an AI programme, and dropped the 'No Name' single in 2019. 

Around the release of 'Embyro', Bruce Tantum spoke with the Gary, Indianda-based artist about working with Third Coast Percussion, creating music for movement, working with Herndon and more. Revisit the January 2022 feature here.

Check out the mini-LP on Bandcamp, and listen to 'Fourth Perspective'.