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The Danish DJ/producer sits down to answer some tough questions...

Billing his sound as “romantic techno”, Kölsch is a name that many clubbers know and love. He’s had two massive LPs on ultra-cool German imprint Kompakt in the last few years, plus spun everywhere from South America to Australia, and now Kölsch (real name: Rune Reilly Kölsch) is set to take over the White Isle several times throughout the season. 

It’s thanks to his two mega-hits — ‘Der Alte’ and, more recently, ‘Cassiopeia’ — that Kölsch has really skyrocketed, plus remixes of overground hits from Coldplay (‘Sky Full Of Stars’) and once-prog-now-EDM favourite, Eric Prydz (‘Generate’). It’s his outstanding DJ ability that’s continuously pushed him forward, though the Dane — who grew up in Copenhagen’s separatist hippy community of Christiania in the ‘70s — has been kicking about far longer than his recent work might suggest.

Having DJ’d on the island for nigh on two decades, he’s playing Ushuaïa’s ANTS party multiple times this year, alongside the party’s star attraction Andrea Oliva, plus a date at Pacha to close out their We Are The Night party series at the end of October. 

Ahead of what’s set to be another stunning season for the Danish hitmaker on the White Isle, DJ Mag Ibiza sits down with Kölsch to ask him a few prickly questions as part of our regular Hot Seat feature…

You just spoke at IMS on the Island — do you think conferences like IMS are still relevant, or old hat?
“I think conferences are still super-relevant. I finally get to meet a lot of the people I communicate with over email. It’s nice to meet face to face. Also, this year I got so many great demos. It’s great to have a moment to chat to fellow artists.”

There was a lot of talk at IMS about Ibiza becoming too VIP-focused — what’s your thoughts on that?
“The first time we had this discussion was in 2000, when they expanded the Pacha VIP. The magic of Ibiza has always been the hedonistic blend of crowds. If that means some people feel like paying ridiculous amounts for a table, that’s up to them.”

And the Space closure, good thing or too soon?
“I think the change will be a good thing. I love Space, and the Terrace is my sanctuary. It’s the first place I experienced the magic of the Island. The last couple of years things have changed so much, and I’m a firm believer in things moving forward. I’m sure it will be great.”

You’ve played a lot in the US over the last 12 months, what do you think about the amount of drug-related festival deaths over there?
“It’s just terrible. Drugs are going to be at festivals, no matter how much we do. The only way to make it safer is to have drug-test booths. That way the kids will at least know what they have. The argument that it would somehow legitimise drugs is absurd.”

Speaking of the States, is EDM dead?
“Completely dead. I’m really seeing a lot of cool kids moving towards melodic techno these days. It’s a great time to play in the US.”

What are five things that an ibiza raver should never leave home without?
“Sunglasses, sunscreen, earplugs, fully-charged phone for when you need to call a cab from that villa after-party, and a small bottle of Hierbas.”

Plans this year?
“I’ve got some great remixes coming up, and my new Kölsch EP on Kompakt/Speicher will be out in September.”