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Korg announce new Minilogue XD synth: Watch

The popular mini analogue gets a significant update…

Korg have updated their four-voice analogue Minilogue synth, adding a third digital oscillator to the popular keyboard. Borrowing the feature from the Prologue, it allows users to create custom waveshapes or even download and import user-made waveshapes from the net. This allows for a much wider timbre when layering with the current analogue oscillators.

Korg have also added a joystick in place of modulation and pitch wheels, added digital effects and they've added the micro-tuning and sequencer found on the one-voice Monologue. There are now also two CV inputs for controlling the synth from a modular setup and there output is now stereo rather than the Minilogues single mono jack output. 

The Minilogue XD looks like a combo of Prologue and Monologue features and expands on what was already a very popular synth. It'll cost you $650 and is available from winter 2019. The Japanese company also announced new Volcas to add to the range, which will be available to try at this year's NAMM show in California.