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Korg announce new polyphonic analogue synth: Watch

The Prologue is a 16-voice fully analogue instrument…

Korg have announced a brand new poly synth called Prologue. The new 16-voice synth features two oscillators, two envelopes, one filter and LFO as well as new digital effects and what Korg are calling a ‘Multi Engine’. Essentially operating as a third oscillator, Multi Engine offers more synthesis types like FM, as well as providing users with the chance to create their own oscillator wave shapes and save them directly to the hardware.

Effects wise, there’s the delay taken from the Minilogue series as well as a new Reverb effect, with flanger, phaser, chorus and more also added. There’s also a new master buss ‘L.F. Comp, essentially a low-end boost compressor that’s also completely analogue.

Elsewhere on the Prologue, voice modes can be switched between poly, mono, unison and chord and users can even design and tweak their own effects and waveshapes using the user SDK, available from March.

Prologue is also multi-timbral meaning two patches can be loaded at the same time across the keyboard, using the split and layer functions.

Judging by how much we loved the Minilogue and Monologue synths, we’re super excited to get our hands on the Prologue. Available March, the 49-key 8-voice version is expected to be priced at $1,499 while the 16-voice 61-key version is expected to come in at $1,999. If that sounds out of your price range, maybe the Volca series with their new Volca Mixer are for you.