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Korg unveil the Volca Mix performance mixer: Watch

The portable mixer ties together the mini Volca range…

Korg have unveiled the Volca Mix – a miniature performance mixer aimed at tying together their range of Volca synths and drum machines. The mixer features three 3.5mm inputs, three DC power ports for single-plug powering, multi-purpose HP/LP analogue filters, faders and sends on each of the three channels and a 3.5mm and RCA output. There’s also Mute buttons on each channel for quickly dropping out and bringing in elements.

The sends on each channel correspond to a mono auxiliary send and stereo return to run your Volcas through external effects like a Kaoss pad or guitar pedal.

The Volca Mix can also act as your sync clock, so everything can be tied down directly from the mixer and there’s a 3.5mm sync input to line up your tracks and performances with your DAW or any other sync unit. There’s also a stereo widening effect and a dynamics control for compression and some faux sidechaining.

The Volca Mix will be available in March at a price of £145. Find out more about Korg's Volca range here and check out Minijam Studio for a portable Volca alternative.