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The Marcus Intalex Music Foundation set up "to support and nurture talent"

Honouring a bonafide UK dance music legend... 

The Marcus Intalex Music Foundation (MIMF) has been set up in Manchester "to support and nurture talent". 

The initiative will honour Marcus Kaye, AKA Marcus Intalex, who died in May 2017. Following his sudden passing the likes of DRS and LSB paid musical tributes, with Alan Fitzpatrick also putting out a remix of his house and techno work (released under Kaye's Trevino moniker) and a posthumous EP dropping on Sunandbass earlier this year

Kaye is regarded as a pioneer of drum 'n' bass, playing an integral part in the Manchester scene for many years and co-founding the Soul:R Music imprint. The idea now is to continue his legacy of shaping the future of UK electronic music. Workshops, studio sessions, seminars and more are all planned to inspire the next generation of artists.

"MIMF is a platform to support and nurture talent in many aspects of music development and the culture that surrounds it," MIMF Director, Nick Sinna, said in a statement. "One of Marcus’ greatest passions was to encourage and guide aspiring music talent, as well as pass on the knowledge he himself acquired over the course of his long-standing and successful career."

Officially launched on 8th October, a fundraising party will be held at The White Hotel in Salford, Greater Manchester, on 2nd November, featuring Martyn, Scuba, Synkro and Blasha & Allatt. All proceeds will go to the Foundation, which is currently hunting for a permanent base in the northern English city.