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New online DJ academy app, SeeDJ, launches with subscription service

Perc and many others are on board to offer content and feedback for aspiring DJs

A new online DJ academy app has launched. 

Also available as a web platform, SeeDJ is a subscription-based "digital acceleration" app that promises to put emerging DJ talent in "direct contact with the leading labels and management agencies, offers downloadable resources, tools for production, feedback from established DJs and many more essential tips that will help you elevate your game."

Available as either a monthly or annual subscription from July 30th, the five key services offered by SeeDJ include video courses, lectures and workshops by teachers and experienced producers, as well as periodic reviews by partnered labels and management agencies.

"We want to turn as many new DJs as we can into professional DJs through key services that reflect all the realities of electronic music," added the platform's creators. "We want to train new DJs through the e-learning service such as courses, lessons and a ton of resources. Our long-term vision is to develop a platform that can support the musical growth of an artist through multiple services, all for a low monthly subscription."

Among those already on board to offer content and feedback for aspiring DJs include Phil Weeks, Coyu and Perc. Go here for more information.

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