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Rane ‘leak’ their new DJ Seventy Two mixer in Facebook post

The new battle mixer was a prize for the DMC champ...

Rane have announced a brand new mixer called the Rane DJ Seventy Two via a surprise Facebook post. Revealed as a surprise first place prize for DMC Championship winner DJ Perly, the feature-heavy mixer looks perfect for Serato DJ and is a clear competitor to Pioneer’s DJM-S9.

First impressions show a high-res screen, potentially touch-friendly, eight performance pads per deck with 10 modes, HPF/LPF filters per channel and most interestingly – two ‘turntable’ USB ports round back. Could Rane be about to launch a hybrid digital turntable with USB outs?

At first glance, it’s a comprehensive battle mixer but what’s coming from Rane could be even more exciting. With fellow InMusic brand Denon’s latest DJ range turning heads and Pioneer’s latest DJM launching only last week, it’s an exciting time for DJ tech.