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Rave tourists spent over €1.4bn in Berlin in 2018

Three million visitors brought a lot of money to the German capital's nightlife...

Three million club tourists spent over €1.4bn in Berlin last year, it's estimated.

The Berlin Clubcommission, a group which upholds the interests of clubs and nightlife businesses, published a report stating that while club industry turnover was €216m in 2018, their overall spend on accomodation, food and other activities eventually accumulated to €1.48bn.

The report found that one third of all Berlin visitors fall into the club tourist bracket, and that they spend an average of €205 per day (seemingly they're not on the white ciders for pre-drinks...)

Lutz Leichsenring, executive board member and spokesperson for the Clubcommission told Yahoo that the volume of club tourists is actually increasing: “What’s interesting is that the number of clubs has stayed relatively constant in the last years,” Leichsenring explained. “We have managed since then to keep the numbers quite steady.”

The report follows news last week of the Berlin government's intention to make nightlife more sustainable.

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