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Roland re-launch the classic SH-101 synth: Watch

New Boutiques include SH-01A and TR-08…

Roland continue to bolster their Boutique range with the launch of the new SH-01A, a clone of their legendary SH-101 mono synth. This time though, the synth is four-voice polyphonic, with extra features includes unison mode, chord memory and new LFO waveforms, but holds on to the classics such as the 64-step sequencer, CV/gate outputs and even old-school MIDI DIN, missing on other Boutique synths. 

USB-powered and coming in at £329, the SH-01A crucially isn’t analogue uses Roland’s much-hyped Analog Circuit Behaviour (ACB) technology to mimic the style of older gear. Originally spotted by DJ Mag last week, the new 101 came as less of a surprise than the 808 clone that launched yesterday.

Either way, Roland’s Boutique range is now looking like an affordable solution to all of our classic synth cravings. The SH-01A is available from early September.