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Sample Magic release Boost Pro: Watch

The new 'Pro' version adds some tasty new features...

Sample Magic have released a new plugin called Boost Pro. The new pro version of their original plugin Boost is a buss processing tool for beefing up your mixes and indivisual stems. Boost Pro features five components – EQ, multi-band compression, stereo widener, limiter and a new saturation section.

The first version of Boost simply featured four knobs to increase or decrease each effect, but the Pro version expands on this functionality, allowing the user to access all the parameters for each component, as well as adding mid/side and a dry/wet slider for every effect. A new mid/side high-pass filter has also been added. Watch it in action in the video below. 

If you own the previous version of Boost you can upgrade to Boost Pro for £19.99, otherwise it's priced at the introductory price of £59.99. If you're looking for another mix maximiser, check out iZotope's latest update to their mastering software Ozone