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Several Berlin clubs at risk of demolition from planned highway extension

A protest rave has been organised for this coming weekend...

A protest rave is taking place in Berlin this Saturday (25th May) to rally against planned extensions of the city’s A100 highway.

According to the organisers, activist group Aktionsbündnis A100 stoppen, continued plans for the A100’s extension through Treptow, Friedrichshain and Lichtenberg threaten several popular local cubs including ://about blank, FIPS, Osthafen, Polygon, Else and Wilde Renate.

The protest rave will take place at Elsenbrücke, by the S-Bahn station at Treptower Park from 2pm on Saturday until 6pm, and will feature sets from DJs Bloody Mary, Fadi Mohem, Sebastian Voigt and Rodmin.

Aktionsbündnis A100 stoppen was founded in 2009, and many Berlin residents have protested various planned extensions of the city’s highways for over a decade. According to Aktionsbündnis A100 stoppen, the extension of the city’s highways has direct correlation to rising rents in Berlin which have already contributed to numerous issues including housing evictions and removal of community public spaces, as well as club closures.

For more information about the protest rave, visit its event page. Find more information about Aktionsbündnis A100 stoppen here

(Photo via: Juska Wendland)