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Two new record stores are opening in Brooklyn

Demand for vinyl is everywhere... 

Two new record stores are opening in Brooklyn thanks to the Mexican Summer label, which is also based in the New York borough. 

The owners of Co-op 87 are partnering on the outlets. Brooklyn Record Exchange will first welcome customers at 599 Johnson Avenue, Bushwick, on Saturday 30th March. It will share the address with revered club and live venue Elsewhere.

A second location at 87 Guernsey Street, Greenpoint, will open later in spring— where Co-op 87 was doing business until its recent temporary closure.  

According to reports, there will be dedicated areas for Mexican Summer releases, alongside its reissue imprint Anthology Recordings. Albums, singles and EPs from other labels will also be sold, of course, as will books and films. 

The demand for vinyl continues to grow in many countries, hence several high-profile record stores starting up in key cities of late. We recently spread the word about new shops in Berlin (from the Griessmuehle crew no less) and Paris. In the US, there were 16.8million albums sold on wax in 2018 alone.