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Varg changes name to Varg2™ following legal action from German metal band

The name change comes with the announcement of the debut Varg2™ EP, 'Fuck Varg' 

Varg has changed his name to Varg2™ after he received a cease and desist from a German metal band. 

The Swedish producer has now announced a debut EP under his new moniker, with the not-so-subtle title - 'Fuck Varg'. 

The debut EP from Varg2™ is a four-track effort of trancey techno, and will be released on Northern Electronics (the Stockholm label that's also home to the likes of Anthony Linnel, Isorinne and CA2+) on Thursday 12th December. 

Check the tracklist below: 

01. I've Spent €3000 On a New Laptop, And This Is What It Sounds Like? 
02. Thirst (Dressed in Nothing But UV Paint and Biodegradable Glitter)
03. This Room Has Many Faces, Many Gods and Many Faces (Dressed in Nothing But Cum and Bedazzled Angel Wings) 
04. Parasites (Honest Music for Dishonest People) [ft. G19]
05. Parasites (Honest Music for Dishonest People) [ft. G19] (VTSS Remix) {Digital Only} 

Varg's most recent, and now final, double EP as Varg - 'Sky City: Even in the Heart of Heaven, Angels Can Still Feel Fear', and 'Sky City: A Weak Heart to Break (Spit)' - came out on 3rd May, also on Northern Electronics.