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The Weeknd says he won’t do any more features “unless Daft Punk get back together”

He previewed the new track — his final feature — during a performance in Poland last week

The Weeknd

The Weeknd says he won’t do any more tracks featuring other artists “unless Daft Punk get back together”.

The Canadian star – real name Abel Tesfaye — announced his decision during a performance at the PGE Narodowy in Warsaw, Poland last Wednesday (9th August), at the same time as previewing a new track, 'Another One Of Me’; his final feature.

“I just wanna say, this, this is gonna be the last feature I ever do, ever in my career, so I wanna perform it for you guys tonight,” he said, addressing the crowd.

Tesfaye later shared a clip of the performance on Twitter with the caption: “The final feature… unless daft punk ever get back together.”

Daft Punk announced their split in 2021, and Thomas Bangalter recently opened up about the duo's decision in an interview with the BBC. In April, Bangalter released his first full-length solo project since the duo's demise, 'Mythologies'.

Meanwhile, Tesfaye confirmed that he is currently finishing his new album, the third in the trilogy that includes 2020’s ‘After Hours’ and 2022's ‘Dawn FM’. Back in January, he shared a new video for the ‘Dawn FM’ track ‘Is There Someone Else?’, a year on from the release of the hit LP.