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Audio-Technica launches gold cartridge with diamond stylus for 60th anniversary

Coming in at a cool €10,000

Gold stylus

Audio-Technica has launched a gold cartridge with a diamond stylus to mark its 60th anniversary.

The limited-edition AT-MC2022 features a unified stylus-cantilever crafted from a lab-grown diamond (that incorporates a process known as chemical vapor deposition) and promises to cut out any distortion caused by the conventional bonding of stylus to cantilever. It's also created with a special type of gold plating that’s around 30 times thicker than conventional designs.

“One of the most outstanding sound characteristics of the AT-MC2022 is its fast transient response thanks to the vibration propagation of the diamond cantilever," said Yosuke Koizumi, Cartridge Engineer at Audio-Technica. "The sound profile is perfectly positioned between two speakers, providing a clear audio reproduction for avid listeners and connecting you closer to your favourite records.”

“It is an honour to provide a quality audio experience to millions of people throughout the world," commented Audio-Technica President, Kazuo Matsushita. "What begins as a simple vibration — a subtle movement — results in an emotional connection, whether that be when listening deeply to an album or sharing your voice with the world.”

The Audio-Technica AT-MC2022 will be available this winter, priced at £8700 (€10,000). Only 60 will be available for purchase worldwide and will be numbered from 1-60. Find out more on the Audio-Technica site.

The brand are also launching a new set of limited-edition headphones to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The ATH-W2022 "audiophile closed-back dynamic headphones" are made using traditional Japanese artistry, with housings carved from hand-painted Sakura (cherry blossom), and celebrates "25 years of wooden headphone craftsmanship".

Check out a photo of the headphones below and visit the Audio-Technica site for more info. The headphones will also be available this coming winter and are priced at £7900 (€9,000), with only 100 available worldwide, numbered from 1-100.

Earlier this year, the Japanese company rolled out a new set of wireless headphones intended for professional studio use. Inspired by their own well-known M Series headphones, the over-ear wireless ATH-M20xBT edition boast multipoint pairing capability which allows users to connect to two Bluetooth devices at once.