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Spitfire Audio and BT team up on new instrument Polaris

The sample instrument experts and the electronic music veteran team up

spitfire polaris

Spitfire Audio and BT have teamed up on a new sample instrument called Polaris. The new plugin is designed to create epic, spacious and modern-sounding orchestras combined with synthesis and the usual sound design controls you expect from Spitfire’s award-winning interfaces. 

The library was party recorded at London’s AIR Studios with a full orchestra, while the sounds were then layered with and given more of a synthesis element by the long-standing electronic music artist BT. The sounds were then given further treatment by running them “through classic and rare samplers including the EMU E-II, Fairlight and Ensoniq Mirage, as well as various cassette and VHS tape machines.” 

The result is a high-quality orchestral sound that Spitfire has become famous for re-creating mixed with hyper-real sonic tones and textures from iconic synths and samplers. Users can choose between ten different signal options such as close mic, room, stereo pair and more. There’s also a specifically designed grain delay engine for other-worldly spatial tones. You can choose from 421 presets created by Spitfire and BT. 

As you can hear from the video below, Polaris is very much at home creating cinematic trailer and film music. Try it out for yourself on the Spitfire website.